Advancement in Scouting

Friday, November 18, 2016

Universal Scouting

A project of:

Great Trail Council's Special Needs Advisory Committee

Chair:  Wendy Greathouse                   

Executive: Dennis Vargo
330-773-0415  ext 214

In the fall of 1993 Great Trail Council formed the Special Needs Advisory Committee (SNAC) to better serve youth and Scouters with disabilities and special needs.  The volunteers on this committee are parents, professionals in the field of special needs, and Scouters interested in allowing the greatest number of youth possible to experience the Scouting program.

It is SNAC's clearly defined vision that Scouting in Great Trail Council shall be universally available to all eligible participants.

As such, Great Trail Council is a wholly integrated Council.  Youth joining our Scouting programs choose the unit in their neighborhood, and participate in the program that is. SNAC recognizes that this emphasis on complete integration can be a challenge and has prepared extensive training for Scouters, parents, and unit leaders.

Have a question about Special Needs and Scouting in Great Trail Council?  Try our handbook